Welcome to Redhead Creamery!

kickstarter-headerA spe­cial thanks to all who con­tributed to our Kick­starter cam­paign! 

We’re just a fam­ily work­ing hard to make good cheese. We milk our own cows, just like our grand­par­ents and great-grandparents did. But we’ve real­ized some­thing along the way; peo­ple love really good cheese.

Have you ever not noticed a Red­head? That’s how our cheese will taste. You’ll be walk­ing down the cheese aisle and say, wow, aren’t those fla­vors basi­cally extinct? They’re not.

You see, on this very farm there were 4 Red­heads born and raised by Jerry and Linda, the parents/grandparents of the oper­a­tion. They have been search­ing for Hol­steins (and a few Brown Swiss) that make the best cheese for over 30 years. Until recently, that milk was being mixed up with milk from many other Min­nesota farms. But now, we want to take con­trol, up the fla­vor vol­ume, and deliver the best stuff to you.

Do we know what we’re doing? Alise does. She’s one of those Red­heads. “Cheese Alise” as we call her has been dream­ing of mak­ing cheese since she was 16 years old. She’s Jerry and Linda’s daugh­ter and holds both a 4-year degree and cer­tifi­cate in being an awe­some cheese­maker. She mar­ried a pretty cool guy who’s will­ing to lend some mus­cle to the oper­a­tion named Lucas. Together with their baby, Lucy, the five of them will build a cheese plant.

We’re going to make ridicu­lously good cheese, but we also have a keen eye for the earth. That’s why we built a aner­o­bic digester in 2007. What’s that? Basi­cally, our cows help us make green energy, pow­er­ing our farm and our neigh­bors. Learn more in this handy YouTube video: http://youtu.be/5JPNFvZszW8

If you’ve got other ques­tions, don’t hes­i­tate to let us know. We’re happy to put some fla­vor in your life.

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19 thoughts on “Welcome to Redhead Creamery!

  1. Just heard about you on an MPR post­ing. I’m the Cheese Buyer at the St. Peter Food Coop here in St. Peter. How do I go about putting your prod­uct in my cheese case? We work hard to sup­port and fea­ture local cheeses. We’d love to include you in our plans.


  2. So excited for you guys!
    We are a young farm fam­ily try­ing to live the dream of stay­ing on the fam­ily farm! So we ‘get it’! We also have a Lucy… She isn’t a red­head, but her sister’s name is Ruby… So, kinda the same, right? ;)

    We are rootin’ for you from waaay down here in Geor­gia! We put money where our mouth is, too! ;) look­ing for­ward to be charged when you get ALL your funds!! (And look­ing for­ward to a goody bag arriving!)

  3. A life­time ago I babysat for a trio of red­heads, and now I have one of my own, so I can’t think of a bet­ter name for a cream­ery than Red­head. Alise, three cheers for return­ing to the fam­ily farm and sus­tain­ably pro­duc­ing deli­cious cheeses. I will share them with all of my foodie friends in Min­neapo­lis. Best of luck to you.

    Anne (Moen­ing) Baird

  4. So nice to meet you at the Cheese Fest! You were con­cerned about meet­ing your goal, and now you have! Good for you! Glad my small dona­tion can help. Go get ‘em!

  5. Hi: I work for Lake Wine & Cheese. We would love to carry your prod­ucts. We are look­ing for­ward to tast­ing your success!

  6. I just read an arti­cle on your adventure..your dream! AND I am a mom..that is so very excited for you!! I hope I hear about when you open..we live in Jack­son, Min­nesota and we will be sup­port­ive AND will make the trip to buy some of your cheese. Bless­ings!!!

    1. Thanks Amy!
      We appre­ci­ate the note. If you fol­low our Face­book page or web­site, we’ll keep every­one posted about our grand open­ing.
      Hope you’re enjoy­ing the warmer weather we’re hav­ing.

  7. I just received a small bag of cheese curds deliv­ered to my office by Jean­nie Kenevan. They were deli­cious. I am excited about your adven­ture and hope to make a trip out to visit some­time this spring/summer.

  8. Hi REDHEAD,
    My name is Ann Polachek. I am the owner of a cof­fee shop in St. Paul on the East­side. We had two milk com­pa­nies one with cheese but they were not a total win­ner so we are look­ing for one. Are you that win­ner that deliv­ers milk and cheese to St. Paul MN? What are your prices?

    1. Sorry to hear that Ann! We will not be bot­tling milk, so unfor­tu­nately, we can­not help you there. As for cheese, we can help you with that soon. We hope to be up and run­ning in the next cou­ple of months. I will plan to get in touch with you again soon. Thanks!

  9. It was great meet­ing you at the Min­nesota Cheese Fes­ti­val. Your cheese was by-far my favorite one sam­pled that day. Mind blow­ing, actu­ally! I am the Cheese Spe­cial­ist at the Val­ley Nat­ural Foods Co-op in Burnsville and I would VERY much like to sell your cheese in our case! I will email you soon. A seed has been planted and I can’t get your cheese out of my head (cheese geek over here)!

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