Little Lucy Loves National Grilled Cheese Day

Hey — guess what? It’s National Grilled Cheese month. Maybe one of my favorite food-entitled months of the year. Because really, who can resist a grilled cheese sand­wich? Even if it’s sim­ply the tra­di­tional Amer­i­can cheese slices between two white pieces of bread. The gooey-ness. It’s irresistible.
Well — I’ve maybe crossed the line, but it’s also Peanut But­ter & Jelly day.
‘Thank you’ to who­ever cre­ated these two, very spe­cial occa­sions in one month.
You can use your favorite ‘sweet-friendly’ cheese, but we’ll be using our Lit­tle Lucy Brie here. [what else could you use? blue cheese, mas­car­pone, gouda, etc].
Sim­ply layer your favorite peanut but­ter, jelly and cheese and grill until crisp. [I used smooth peanut but­ter and straw­berry preserves]
Take a big bite…
…and chug a glass of milk,
because you  may have cre­ated one of your new favorite grilled peanut but­ter and cheese sandwiches.

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