Redhead Creamery Garlic Cheddar Needs a Name

Redhead Creamery Garlic CheddarFor those of you who have vis­ited the Red­head Cream­ery cheese shop or our booth at a farm­ers mar­ket, you’ve likely tried our gar­lic ched­dar. Well, it’s become pop­u­lar enough, that we need to come up with a name!

That’s where you come in. Com­ment below with a new name for our gar­lic ched­dar. If yours gets cho­sen, you just might get some gar­lic ched­dar sent your way. Ok, yes, yes you will get some gar­lic ched­dar sent your way. Who are we kidding?

We are also tak­ing sug­ges­tions at the shop over the week­end, so you’re up against some tough com­pe­ti­tion. So think hard my friends.

We’ll take com­ments on our blog post, Face­book page, Twit­ter page and in our cheese shop. Win­ner will be cho­sen and con­tacted by the end of next week.

Sub­mis­sions must be entered by 12:00pm Sun­day, Feb­ru­ary 28th.

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