Buy Brie Cheese Online

Yes, you really can buy brie cheese online and still get fresh, delicious products. Redhead Creamery makes ridiculously good cheese with the help of our 200 Holstein cows on the Jer-Lindy Farms. Our milk is poured straight from the milk parlor to our cheese room to create fresh-tasting, high-quality artisan cheese. Learn more about our brie cheese and how to get it delivered straight to your door.

What's So Special About Brie Cheese?

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Brie cheese is a soft, ripened French-style cheese. It's known for its creamy texture and edible rind. It boasts a mild flavor and just a hint of nuttiness for a versatile taste. Whether you buy brie cheese online or right from our farm's onsite shop, you're getting the same incredible flavor and texture you'd expect from this extra-special cheese.

How is Brie Cheese Made?

Brie cheese is created with the help of fresh cow's milk. Enzymes and rennet are added to the milk to help it gently curdle and properly coagulate. It also needs some yeast culture to encourage safe eating and a delicious white mold rind. After aging and nurturing our cheeses in optimal conditions, the curd is cut and poured into mold, with the excess whey drained.

We may be biased, but the best brie cheese is made fresh on the farm and by dedicated, hands-on cheesemakers. The team at Redhead Creamery is obsessed with perfecting our craft and loves sharing our products with our cheese fans.

Try Our Little Lucy Brie

Our Little Lucy Brie tastes smooth and creamy and is impossibly easy to eat. Named after our cheesemakers' daughter, Lucy, it's an irresistible treat. Turn it into an appetizer or bake it up on the grill for something you can't get enough of. You can buy our brie cheese online for fast, fresh shipping with the highest industry standards and cold packs to keep it safe all the way to your door.

What to Pair with Brie Cheese

Brie cheese pairs well with a range of your favorite snacks and dishes. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Pistachios and Balsamic: Grill your brie cheese with some pistachios and balsamic to bring you the nutty flavor of this delicious cheese.
  • Apples: Gobble up apples and cheese together or bake it as a sweet, creamy dessert.
  • Salami or Prosciutto: Enjoy a savory treat with a hint of creamery sweetness.
  • Candied Walnuts and Pecans: Snack on an indulgent treat of sugary walnuts, pecans, and brie served at room temperature.
  • Crusty bread and crackers: If you love the taste of brie and don't want anything to stand in its way, pair it with warm, crusty bread or our brie-worthy Effie's Oatcake Biscuits. Add them to your order when you buy brie online!

Buy Brie Gifts

If you love brie and all things cheese, there are plenty of gifts to choose from when you buy brie online. Here's where to get started:

Boska Brie Knife

Image of Boska Brie Knives to convey the benefits when you buy brie cheese online - Redhead CreameryPick up a Boska Brie Knife to cut through our soft, creamy cheese. It's stainless steel, ultra-lightweight, and has a razor-thin blade to keep your favorite cheeses from sticking to this knife. It's perfect for our Little Lucy Brie and our North Fork Munster.

Petite Maison Brule Torch

Petite Maison Brule Torch helps give the finishing touch to your brie, meats, fish, sauces, and cheese toppings. It gives you a caramelized touch, like a pro chef. 

Divina Fig Spread 

Make this fig spread your new pantry staple. Spread the Davinia Fig Spread over our Little Lucy Brie cheese with a toasted piece of bread for an incredible-tasting appetizer. 

Best Sellers Gift Box

Our Best Sellers Gift Box is packed with all the cheese goodness you could want. It comes with our Best Sellers Gift Box, Lucky Linda Clouthbound Cheddar, and Ridiculously Good Cheese Curds. We wrap it all up in a wooden box and crinkle paper for a festive touch.

Platter-Ready Gift Box 

Platter ready gift box to convey the perks when you buy brie cheese online  - Redhead CreameryUpscale your next cheese gift with our Platter-Ready Gift Box. It's everything you need to make your own platter or cheese board at home, including our Little Lucy Brie St. Anthony Washed-Rind Original Lucky Linda Clothbound Cheddar Cheese, cheese board, knife, and more. 

Buy Brie Cheese Online

Ready to try our delicious-tasting brie for yourself? Redhead Creamery makes a wide variety of cheeses on our family-owned and run Jer-Lindy farms with fresh milk that pours straight into our creamery's milking room. Buy brie cheese online from Redhead Creamery or browse all of our cheeses for sale here.