Buy Artisan Cheese

If you're ready to buy artisan cheese, you need a carefully curated selection of the ridiculously good stuff that's worth devouring. Redhead Creamery takes pride in offering farm-fresh, perfectly aged cheese that we obsess over until it leaves our hands and arrives at your door. Learn more about some of our favorite artisan cheeses that will keep you coming back for more.

Award Winners Gift Box

buy artisan cheese - Redhead CreameryThere's a winning cheese out there to satisfy any preference and we curated them all in our Award Winners Gift Box:

  • Ridiculously Good Cheddar Cheese Curds
  • North Fork Munster
  • Lucky Linda Clothbound Cheddar
  • Margie Caved Aged Cheddar, St. Anthony Original
  • St. Anthony Original
  • Clothbound Garlic Cheddar
  • Red Temper Honey Chipotle Cheddar

All of these extra special cheeses have won 1st to 5th place in some of the most prestigious cheese competitions, including the American Originals at the American Cheese Society, Artisan Cheese at the Minnesota State Fair, and the American Cheese Society Contest. See why we won awards for yourself and buy our artisan cheese online for your home, event, or business.

Tipsy Tilsiter

Our Tipsy Tilsiter is known for its full-flavored, smear-rinded table cheese. It's medium-to-firm texture is incredibly satisfying and comes with a twist. It's smeared or washed with a hard cider crafted at the nearby Milk & Honey Ciders for a delicious-tasting artisan cheese.

The Barbarian

Want to buy artisan cheese that's different than the usual (but still completely delicious), like our cheddar and brie fare? Our delightful Barbarian cheese is named for the cheesemakers' son, Conan. This cheese is made to fit a girolle and is perfect for a garnish or curly cheese florets with a robust flavor. 

Henry's Havarti

Redhead Creamery's havarti is buttery, mild, tangy, and impossibly easy to eat. Our Henry's Havarti is named after the cheesemakers' son, Henry, and melts easily for sandwiches, pasta salads, and delectable grilled cheeses. It's perfect for your go-to every-day cheese or to dress up a special cheese platter.

Best Sellers Gift Box

Best Seller's Gift Box - Redhead CreamerySelect cheeses with tons of street cred and a track record for delighting our fans' taste buds. We packed our Best Seller's Gift Box with some of our most popular cheeses:

  • Little Lucy Brie
  • Lucky Linda Clothbound Cheddar
  • Ridiculously Good Cheese Curds

They're all perfect for a casual cheese snack with friends or to arrange a party-worthy platter with your favorite snacks. We'll pack them up fresh and ship them to your door or they can be picked up directly from Redhead Creamery at Jer-Lindy Farms.

Jalapeño Cheddar

Give your love of cheese a kick with our Jalapeño Cheddar. It's a spicy, seasonal cheese to compliment a barbecue or poolside snack when the weather warms up. Or enjoy it on a cold day for its spicy, creamy flavor that's full of heat.  

Pan Fried Gift Box

Our list of artisan cheeses wouldn't be complete without mentioning our Pan Fried Gift Box. It features a pan-fried cheese curd gift arrangement and is based on our most popular menu item in our cheese shop. We threw in a recipe, a fun-sized cast iron pan, a handle mitt, bare honey, and Lucky's Honey Mustard. You'll also get 2 pounds of Ridiculously Good Cheddar Cheese Curds.

How Our Artisan Cheese is Made

When you make cheese right on the farmstead, it helps you really see and experience the relationship between the feed we grow for our cows, the milk they produce, and how it all turns into ridiculously good cheese that we pass onto our customers. We also add cultures and enzymes to help curate the characteristics of each cheese, rennet, and salt for a handmade, artisan cheese experience.

We treat our cheesemaking process as an art form, from the time we receive milk into the milking parlor to aging it and sending it out fresh. See how we kickstart our cheesemaking here so you can buy our artisan cheese for yourself:

Next Steps

Ready to buy artisan cheese online for some of our most delicious, freshly packed farm-fresh cheese? We make cheese on the family-owned and run Jer-Lindy farms with fresh milk that pours straight into our creamery's milking room. Everything is packed fresh and shipped with reusable cold packs and the highest industry standards to get your cheese safely to your door. Try it for yourself by browsing all of our cheeses for sale here.