Buy Blue Cheese

When you're looking for bold cheese with an unforgettable flavor, it's time to buy blue cheese for your next snack, platter, or special event. Blue cheese is unique for its distinct color and strong presence that adds power-packed flavor to any dish. You can always grab some blue cheese from the store, but nothing replaces the artisan quality of farm-fresh cheese. Situated on Jer-Lindy Farms, Redhead Creamery creates fresh cheese that's aged to perfection. Learn more about our cheeses and how to buy blue cheese online.

What Makes Blue Cheese Unique?

Image of blue cheese to convey how to Buy Blue Cheese - Redhead CreameryThe intense flavor of blue cheese can be polarizing, even among cheese lovers. Its blue or green veins running through the cheese is what contributes to its powerful taste. With the help of safe and edible mold spores fostered during the cheese-making process, blue cheese's fats and proteins are broken down and contributes to its creamy texture and tangy taste.

What Is the History of Blue Cheese?

If you love knowing everything there is to know about cheese, you can trace blue cheese's history back to the 7th century to cave outside of Roquefort, France. No one knows for sure what happened, but local cheese legends unravels a tale about a shepherd leaving behind his lunch of bread and cheese in a cave. When he discovered it again a few months later, the cheese had the telltale signs of blue and green veins that lent to its taste. He was brave enough to try it and history was made.

Just like the legend, when you buy blue cheese, you want to ensure it's safely aged to perfection. Redhead Creamery's cheeses are stored in a temperature and moisture-controlled climate. We take great care to age and encourage our cheese's texture and perfect flavor.

Enjoy Farm Fresh Cheese

We believe cheese should be made by experienced, artisan cheese makers with the freshest milk possible. Redhead Creamery makes cheese on the Jer-Lindy Farm with help from our 200 award-winning Holstein cows. The milk is poured straight from the milking parlor to our cheese making room where we get to work on our craft. We love making ridiculously good cheese for everyone to enjoy. 

Discover the Perfect Blue Cheese Pairings

Blue cheese may be tangy and powerful, but still pairs with a variety of snacks and dishes for a mouth-watering delight. When you buy blue cheese, try pairing it with honey, nuts, pears, and Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, and Muscat wines. You can also try blue cheese with both sweet and savory dishes for a satisfying experience. 

Buy Blue Cheese Online

Buy Blue Cheese - Redhead CreameryIt's now possible to buy blue cheese online and still enjoy fresh, delicious cheese. Here's what to consider before you place your order:

Look for Variety

When you buy blue cheese online, you want the best of the best. Some varieties include Roquefort, Gorgonzola, and Stilton. Get started with our Caves of Faribault St. Pete's Select Blue. It's our signature super premium American blue cheese named for the type of sandstone that forms the caves of St. Pete's. The flavor is complex and intimate. 

Get Perfect Packaging

Packaging is everything when you want to buy blue cheese online. You want something gift-worthy, but that also keeps everything fresh with reusable ice packs for delivery or shipping. Redhead Creamery's airtight process makes it safe and delicious to indulge in our farm fresh cheeses. 

Buy Blue Cheese Straight from the Farm

It should go without saying you don't want to buy blue cheese online from a fly-by-night retailer with no reputation or support. Redhead Creamery's on-site cheese-making facility has been in operation since 2013, but the farm has been in operation since the 1980s. We've spent the last decade meticulously building a reputation around our incredible farm fresh cheese and customer care.

Next Steps

Ready to buy blue cheese for yourself or gift to a cheese lover in your life? Redhead Creamery loves delighting customers with our ridiculously good cheese that delivers or ships right to your doorstep. Try your favorite varieties for yourself by browsing our cheese for sale here.