Buy Blue Cheese Online

Looking to indulge and buy blue cheese online? Blue cheese is a uniquely bold variety of cheese known for its powerful taste and distinctive coloring. It's a go-to choice among cheese connoisseurs and culinary enthusiasts looking to shatter flavor profiles. Sure, you can pick up some blue cheese from the grocery store, but you can open up your possibilities and find high-end, highly unique, and farm-fresh cheeses by ordering blue cheese online. Here's a deep dive into what to expect from the process and how Redhead Creamery can help satisfy your cravings.

What's So Special About Blue Cheese?

Close up image of farm-fresh blue cheese to convey why someone would buy blue cheese onlineThe powerful flavor of blue cheese is the kind of food people either seem to love or hate. It's characterized by blue or green veins running through the cheese that's created with the help of (safe and edible) mold spores during the cheese-making process. The process breaks down the cheese's fats and proteins to create a creamy texture and a bold, tangy flavor. 

For die-hard cheese enthusiasts, you should know that the history of blue cheese goes back to the 7th century in a cave outside of Roquefort, France. Legend has it that a shepherd left his lunch of bread and cheese in a cave and when he returned a few months later, the mold transformed his cheese into a tasty Roquefort variety. It could be the stuff of cheese legends, but it also makes sense. When you buy blue cheese online, you want a product stored in a temperature and moisture-controlled climate and aged to perfection.

Get Farm Fresh Flavor

Redhead Creamery's blue cheese is made right here on the farm with the help of our 200 award-winning Holstein cows. You can come to our tasting room and enjoy lunch at the cafe or order blue cheese online for that incredible, fresh taste you're looking for.

Aging Process

Age is everything when it comes to cheese making. When you buy blue cheese online, you want it to align with a specific aging process in a hyper controlled environment. During aging, the characteristic blue veins form. Cheesemakers adjust the aging to impact its flavor and intensity and can be aged for several weeks to months. 

Perfect Pairings

Blue cheese comes with a power-packed flavor but also pairs seamlessly with honey, nuts, pears, and various wines. Despite its bold profile, it makes a versatile ingredient for both sweet and savory dishes. 

Buying Blue Cheese Online

It's absolutely possible to safely buy farm-fresh blue cheese online, but there are several factors to consider:


When you buy blue cheese online, you want the best of the best. Some varieties include Roquefort, Gorgonzola, and Stilton. Get started with our Caves of Faribault St. Pete's Select Blue. It's our signature super premium American blue cheese named for the type of sandstone that forms the caves of St. Pete's. The flavor is complex, complicated, and intimate. 


Your packaging is everything when you want to buy blue cheese online. You want something gift-worthy, but that's also packed fresh with reusable ice packs for delivery or shipping. Our airtight process makes it safe and delicious to indulge in our farm fresh cheeses. 


It should go without saying you don't want to buy blue cheese online from a fly by night retailer with no reputation or support. Readhead Creamery's on-site cheese-making facility has been in operation since 2013, but the farm has been in operation since the 1980s. We've spent the last decade meticulously building a reputation around our incredible farm fresh cheese and customer care.

Next Steps

Ready to buy blue cheese online for yourself or share it as a gift? Redhead Creamery has been making farm-fresh cheese since 2013, and by the end of 2014, we had built and opened up our own cheese-making facility right here on our family-run Jer-Lindy Farms. Today, we make ridiculously good cheese and deliver or ship it right to your doorstep. Try it for yourself by browsing our cheese for sale here.