Buy Cheese Online

Do you want to buy cheese online and aren’t sure what to expect when you open the box? Redhead Creamery whips up fresh-tasting cheese delivered right to your doorstep. Whether you want to try some tried-and-true favorites like Cheddar or mix things up with a Tipsy Tastier, we can help. Here’s what to know about buying cheese online with Redhead Creamery and how to choose the best product for you.

Can You Really Buy Cheese Online?

Yes! Even if you don't live near an artisan cheese facility or reseller or have just heard about Redhead Creamery's ridiculously good products, you can still buy cheese online. Packed in peak chilled condition, we make sure our products are insulated and ready to go, so you get the cheese you want without worrying about making the journey to us. It’s a safe and satisfying way to explore your love of cheese and will make you feel like you’re right here with us at the creamery.

What Kind of Cheese Should I Buy Online?

Redhead Creamery has all the cheese you could ever want, from incredible Cheddar Cheese Curds to Pimento Cheese, North Fork Whiskey Washed Muster, and everything in between. We even sell seasonal gifts and Advent Calendars for the cheese-obsessed. Or you can try a little of everything with cheese and charcuterie platters or one of our collections, like an Award Winners Gift Box.

When you buy cheese online, you get access to a variety of options you can’t find elsewhere. You can try one of our affordable products that’s focused on high-quality ingredients and flavor. We create classic to custom-curated cheeses to bring new flavors and ideas to your doorstep.

What If I Can’t Decide What Cheese to Buy Online?

If you want to buy cheese online but aren't sure, try our Cheese of the Month Club. We ship it out the second Wednesday of each month and send out an incredible-tasting cheese every month. You can keep your subscription running as long as you want, or cancel it at any time.

We also offer cheese collections, platters, and gifts, so you always have options right from your computer. Or try a gift box (for yourself!) with award winners, pan-fried options, and best sellers.

What Makes Redhead Creamery’s Cheese Taste So Good?

Great-tasting cheese all starts with our cows. Jer-Lindy is a family-owned and operated, 240-acre, modern farm facility housing 200 registered Holstein and Brown Swiss dairy cows. We're obsessed with making sure our cheese tastes incredible, and we make sure our customers get products at their peak freshness. We want you to love what you're eating, and we ensure everything is created with high-quality ingredients and aged to perfection.

We’ve also spent years mastering our cheese-making craft through hands-on studies, visits to artisan cheese plants, hosting fundraising events, testing, waiting for the cheese to age, and carefully sampling it all, only to sometimes start the process all over again until our products are masterpieces.

Should I Have My Cheese Shipped or Delivered?

Where you live will dictate whether or not your cheese is shipped out or delivered to you. We ship out our delicious, handcrafted cheese every Wednesday via UPS all over the country. We use insulated boxes and ice packs, so your cheese stays fresh and ready to eat. We also deliver in the greater Twin Cities area and Fargo to hand deliver our ridiculously good cheese to your home or workplace. Check out our delivery routes page here for more information.

When you buy cheese online from Redhead Creamery, you can rest assured that it tastes fresh and incredible. Just like we’ve perfected our cheese, we've also got the shipping process down so our products exceed your expectations and satisfy your taste buds.

Next Steps

Ready to buy cheese online for yourself or share it as a gift? Redhead Creamery has been making farm-fresh cheese since 2013, and by the end of 2014, we had built and opened up our own cheese-making facility right here on our family-run farm, Jer-Lindy Farms. Today, we make ridiculously good cheese and deliver or ship it right to your doorstep. Browse our cheese for sale here.