Buy Cojita Cheese Online

If you want to buy Cojita cheese online, you need a ridiculously great product that's worth the trek to your door. From texture to color and pairings, here's what to know about Redhead Creamery's fresh Cojita cheese. We have everything you need for a delicious snack, side dish, or gift to delight every cheese lover on your list. 

What's So Special About Cojita Cheese?

Buy Cojita Cheese Online - Redhead CreameryCotija is a type of aged cheese named for the town of Cotija in Michoacán, Mexico. It's also one of the country's most famous cheeses. This semi-hard, slightly aged cheese comes with a salty, strong flavor that's somewhat similar to parmesan with a twist.

Cojita is typically aged anywhere from 2 to 12 months to dry it to perfection to use as a garnish or to top off some of your favorite dishes. It's texture is also crumbly and doesn't melt, so it's not the cheese to grab for melted grilled cheese. If that's your idea of a hero sandwich, opt for a Henry Havarti or our North Fork Whiskey Washed Munster that melts down into a gooey wonder.

What Is Queso Añejo Aged Cotija?

You can buy Cojita cheese online from Redhead Creamery, which will ship right to your door. It's milky and crumbly and made fresh on the Jer-Lindy Farm. The milk from our 200 Holstein cows is poured directly into the Redhead Creamery's milk room for a delicious, fresh, on-site experience you can taste. After carefully making and aging our cheeses, we ship them to you with the help of cold packs and the best industry practices. 

What Should You Eat with Cotija Cheese?

Cojita cheese's unique texture and flavor make it a special product that you want to eat with only the best pairings, including:

  • Summer salads: Try Cotija cheese with a southwestern quinoa salad or a southern salad with veggies and lime dressing.
  • Scrambled eggs: Sprinkle Cotija cheese on top of scrambled eggs or add in a sprinkle of sausage for a twist.
  • Tacos: Because Cojita cheese doesn't melt, it sprinkles perfectly on top of all kinds of gourmet and street-side tacos.
  • Elote: Otherwise known as corn cob in Spanish, is a grilled corm slathered in a creamy sauce, chili powder, and lime. You'll see them sold in food trucks in U.S. cities and across Mexico.
  • Grilled corn: If all that fancy elote goodness isn't your thing, a dish of corn with some Cojita adds flavor without overwhelming your senses. 

Cotija is typically sprinkled on top of different snacks, salads, and meals. Buy Cojita cheese online to pair with your favorite Mexican dishes to see how it adds a punch of flavor to your day.

What Type of Knife Should You Use to Cut Queso Añejo Aged Cotija?

Cotija is a semi-hard cheese and benefits from the right knife to preserve its unique texture. You can use the same type of Parmesan knife you use when you buy Cotija cheese online. Ideally, you want something like a Boska Hard Cheese Knife for your Cotija, Parmesan, Asiago, or our St. Anthony and Gouda. This knife is made from hardened steel that's been sharpened on both sides and designed to swiftly cut through cheese.

What About Cheese Gifts?

Wildly Delicious Ceramic Square Dish - Redhead CreameryOur Queso Añejo Aged Cotija makes a unique cheese gift that everyone loves. Bonus points if you dish it up with your own elote recipe and serve it fresh. Or you can box up all of your favorite cheeses, hard or soft, in one of our Redhead Creamery wooden gift boxes. It's the perfect presentation for the cheese lover on your gift list.

Another option are presentation dishes worthy of a cheese-inspired platter. These Wildly Delicious Ceramic Square Dishes are perfect for serving nuts, jams, and sprinkles of Cojita to create your dream spread. 

Next Steps

Ready to buy Cojita cheese online and enjoy some of our ridiculously good cheese? Redhead Creamery is ready to share our favorite cheeses from our family-run Jer-Lindy Farms. We make incredible cheese and deliver or ship it right to your door. Try it for yourself by browsing all of our cheeses for sale here.