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When you want to buy craft cheese to satisfy all the cheese-lovers in your life, you need a traditional, farm-fresh approach. The team at Redhead Creamery handcrafts all of our products on the family-owned and run Jer-Lindy farms. We've spent years perfecting our craft and love experimenting with new ideas that infuse the high-quality, aged-to-perfect cheese you're looking for. Learn more about our craft cheese and how to curate your must-haves from our cheese shop.

Margie Cheddar

Margie Cheddar - Buy Craft Cheese - Redhead Creamery

If you love sharp cheddar, you'll love our award-winning Margie, which took 3rd place at the Farmstead Cheese at the American Cheese Society Contest. It's cave-aged and among the sharpest cheddars we make. Dig in and you may notice the  tyrosine crystals, a form of calcium lactate that looks and tastes like the salt in perfectly aged cheeses. It's crumbly with tangy notes and makes the perfect addition to your cheeseboard. Pair it with a hoppy IPA and a semi-dry or dry red wine.

Ridiculously Good Cheese Curds

Our cheddar cheese curds are created with freshly flowed milk from our milking parlor and into our cheese room. It's carefully pasteurized for a high-quality, full-flavor cheese. We also hand-mill every curd to give them their signature size and shape. With a little salt and no coloring, they're ridiculously good to savor.

Garlic Clothbound Cheddar

Garlic Clothbound Cheddar - Buy Craft Cheese - Redhead Creamery

Are you a garlic lover who can't get enough of it in your life? When you want to buy craft cheese that's unique and packed with flavor, try our Garlic Clothbound Cheddar. It's sharp, savory, and, oh, so garlicky. Slice it up as is or sprinkle it on top of a pasta dish.

North Folk Munster Cheese

Our North Fork Munster is a French-style munster with an ooey-gooey paste inside and washed with local Minnesota 14 whiskey. It's creamy, stinky, and perfectly pungent. Melt this over a grilled cheese or warm-up as an appetizer. We love slicing off the top rind and scooping out the paste.

Little Lucy Brie

When you buy craft cheese, make sure to add our Little Lucy Brie to your wish list. It's creamy and irresistible, continues to breakdown, and gets even creamier as it ages. Try grilling it or baking with pistachios and balsamic for your new favorite snack.

Award Winner's Gift Box

Buy craft cheese online with our Award Winners Gift Box to get all the ridiculously good stuff in one convenient gift package. We curated a collection of all of our award-winners so you can try them for yourself:

  • Ridiculously Good Cheddar Cheese Curds
  • North Fork Munster
  • Lucky Linda Clothbound Cheddar
  • Margie Caved Aged Cheddar
  • St. Anthony Original
  • Clothbound Garlic Cheddar
  • Red Temper Honey Chipotle Cheddar

Or choose any of the above individually and curate your own collection that win's awards in your cheese-loving heart.

Best Seller's Gift Box

Best Sellers Gift Buy - Buy Craft Cheese - Redhead CreameryOur Best Seller's Gift Box offers our no-nonsense fan favorites packed up and ready to go. It comes with our Little Lucy Brie, Lucky Linda Clothbound Cheddar, and Ridiculously Good Cheese Curds in a pre-wrapped wooden box and crinkle paper. Give it as a gift or keep it to yourself to enjoy!

Book Craft Cheese from Redhead Creamery

Ready to buy craft cheese to sample some of our most delicious, freshly packed farm-fresh cheese? We make our products on the family-owned and run Jer-Lindy farms with fresh milk that pours straight into our creamery's milking room. Everything is packed fresh and shipped with reusable cold packs and the highest industry standards to get your cheese safely to your door. Try it for yourself by browsing all of our cheeses for sale here.