Buy Farmstead Cheese

Are you looking to Buy Farmstead Cheese that blends favor, texture, and convenience in one place? Redhead Creamery sells farm-fresh cheese at our on-site store or online and it is shipped straight to your door. With the help of our 200 beloved Holstein cows, our cheeses are ridiculously good and have earned a reputation for being award-winning products worth adding something special to your wish list. Learn more about our farmstead cheese and what to try first!

Ridiculously Good Cheddar Cheese Curds

image of St. Anthony - Redhead CreameryGet our Ridiculously Good Cheddar Cheese Curds fresh out of the vat at our farm-fresh store from Redhead Creamery. After flowing milk directly from our milking parlor to our cheese room, we get to work making this wildly popular cheese. You'll want more than one bag! We sell our cheese onsite, online, in our farm-fresh cafe, or through our farm tours.

North Fork Munster

A real crowd-pleaser, our French-style North Fork Whiskey Washed Munster was named after our township and the North Fork of the Crow River in Redhead Creamery's own back field. It's creamy, perfectly stinky, and pungent for an unbelievable cheese experience. Try it on a grilled cheese or as a melty appetizer for your cheese platter.

Lucky Linda Clothbound Cheddar

Our Lucky Linda Clothbound Cheddar is aged for a minimum of six months for a smooth, savory cheddar packed with unbelievable flavor. The natural molds grow on the surface of our cheese wheels and create a unique look and flavor for a safe, farm-fresh delight. 

Margie Caved Aged Cheddar

Our Margie Caved Aged Cheddar is among the sharpest cheddars we make. Dig in and notice the tyrosine crystals, a form of calcium lactate that tastes similar to salt and is found in carefully aged cheese. This cheddar is crumbly and a perfect addition to any cheese platter.

St. Anthony Original

You'll love the meaty, savory undertones of our St. Anthony Original, with just a hint of cured salami. It's a young, washed-rind cheese that's smooth, creamy, and pairs with cured meats, pickled goods, and crunchy bread. It's a unique cheese you won't find anywhere else!

Clothbound Garlic Cheddar

We're willing to bet you've never had a garlic cheddar quite like our Garlic Clothbound Cheddar. It's sharp, savory, and delicious garlic-y for a unique flavor you'll want to savor all week long. Eat it or shred it on top of all of your favorite pasta dishes.

Red Temper Honey Chipotle Cheddar

Add more heat to your meal with this award-winning cheese. Smooth and mild, our Red Temper Honey Chipolte Cheddar tastes tame at first bite before the heat hits. It melts perfectly over chili or gives your grilled cheese sandwich the perfect kick. 

Try Redhead Creamery's Award-Winners Gift Box

Image of Award-Winners Gift Box from Redhead Creamery

Instead of trying one cheese at a time, order our Redhead Creamery's Award-Winners Gift Box. It is packed with award-winning fan favorites that delight your cheese-loving sensibilities. From our Ridiculously Good Cheddar Cheese Curds to Red Temper Honey Chipolte Cheddar, you get 7 award-winning cheeses in a foldable gift box with crinkle craft paper and an RHC logo sticker to enclose. Or keep it all to yourself!

Sample Contadina Farmstead Goat Cheese

Want to try something aged to perfection? Contadina Farmstead Goat Cheese is a nutty, complex goat's milk that's aged for a minimum of five months. Our friend Katie at Capra Nera Creamery is the brainstorm behind this delicious goat cheese, and it is a delightful addition to your next party.

Buy Farmstead Cheese

Ready to buy farmstead cheese straight from the farm? Redhead Creamery makes a wide variety of cheeses on our family-owned and run Jer-Lindy farms with fresh milk. Try our products for yourself by browsing all of our cheeses for sale here.