Buy Goat Cheese Online

You don't have to browse cheese from subpar grocery stores to indulge when you can buy goat cheese online. Known for its unique tangy flavor and creamy texture, goat cheese pairs perfectly with salads, wines, and desserts. But just like you can't get incredible cheese just anywhere, you need to choose the best place to buy goat cheese online. Here's what to look for and how to take the next steps on your culinary journey.

Get Farm Fresh Cheese

Image of blueberry goat cheese from Redhead Creamer to convey why you should buy cheese onlineFor ultimate freshness, you should buy goat cheese online that comes straight from the farm. Do not skip this step and go straight to a third-party supplier that's been storing their cheese, waiting for a sale. Instead, get your cheese right from the source with a creamy texture and mild flavor for an indulgence you'll love.

Consider the Texture You Really Want

Goat cheese is often known for its soft, spreadable texture, but it can also look firm and crumbly. Consider the texture you truly enjoy the most to pair with your next lunch or dinner. Order goat cheese online that's creamy for spreads and sauces or choose a firmer variety if you want to crumble on top of salads and pasta.

Explore New Flavor Profiles

Goat cheese can also vary widely in flavor, from mild and sweet to tangy and earthy. Look over the product descriptions to find the flavor notes you love best with the intended dishes you want to enjoy. However, if you're new to goat cheese, start your cheese ordering journey with a milder option and gradually explore more robust flavors.

Unlike the average grocery store, farm-fresh cheese can also come in innovative flavors you've never tried before. Here are a few of our own goat cheeses to choose from:

  • Blueberry Vanilla Goat Cheese: Our blueberry-dusted goat cheese is tart with a taste of vanilla that's perfect for a gift or to dress up your afternoon snack.
  • Maple Bourbon Goat Cheese: Dig into a tantalizing, sweet, and tangy goat cheese with a honey maple flavor and bourbon notes that will transform the way you think about cheese.
  • Capra Nera Creamery Contadina Farmstead Goat Cheese: Sink your teeth into this complex raw goat's milk cheese that's been aged to perfection for a minimum of five months.

The team at Redhead Creamery is always experimenting with new ideas and flavor profiles. Check back for our latest offerings of fresh goat cheese delivered right to your door. We also offer some of our favorite recipes online, so you can make the most of your cheese-buying experience.

Pay attention to the Rind Type

Some goat cheeses have edible rinds and others don't, which can impact its flavor. Edible rinds can actually add to the complexity of the flavor profile. But rinds also aren't necessary to enjoy an incredible-tasting cheese.

Enjoy High-End Packaging

When you buy goat cheese online, you want the best insulation and cooling possible to ensure it's delivered to your door to prevent texture changes and spoilage. We use the best packing methods in the industry to make sure your goat cheese arrives nearly as fresh as it was when it left the farm.

Look for Industry and Hands-On Experience

Image of Maple Bourbon Goat Cheese to convey why to buy goat cheese online

When you buy goat cheese online, you want the good stuff. Cheesemaking takes skill, care, and an incredible amount of patience to get it all right. The Jer-Lindy Farm has been around since the 1980s and is home to over 200 award-winning Holstein cows. We've been making farm-fresh cheese since 2014 on the family-owned and run farm after Alise Sjostrom spent years studying and perfecting her craft in cheese making.

Next Steps

Ready to buy goat cheese online for yourself or share it as a unique culinary gift? Redhead Creamery is ready to share our favorite cheeses from our family-run Jer-Lindy Farms. Today, we make ridiculously good cheese and deliver or ship it right to your doorstep. Try it for yourself by browsing our cheese for sale here.