Buy Parmesan Cheese

When you want to buy parmesan cheese, you need the best variety and flavor that enhances your favorite dish. Instead of turning to the usual generic options, turn to Redhead Creamery for farm-fresh cheese designed to delight. Situated on the family owned and run Jer-Lindy Farms, Redhead Creamery flows milk right from the milking parlor into our creamery to create ridiculously good tasting cheese. Learn more about our delicious cheeses and how to buy them straight from our creamery and delivered to your doorstep.

What Makes Parmesan Cheese So Good?

Image of St. Anthony cheese as an alternative when you want to buy Parmesan cheese - Redhead Creamery

If you want to buy parmesan cheese, let's talk about the real stuff. Parmesan isn't something to shake out of a pre-packaged jar. Instead, artisan parmesan cheese is known for its savory taste and bold, salty and nutty flavor. With a hard texture, it's aged to perfection and ready to dress up your favorite dish.

Where Did Parmesan Cheese Come From?

Parmesan cheese has a long history rooted in legend. Its complex history starts in the Middle Ages when Benedictine and Cistercian monks crated the cheese using monastery cows and salt from the Salsominore salt mines. The results were a dry paste cheese that was durable and long-lasting. Parmesan is typically made from April to November and aged for months to years. When you buy parmesan cheese in a block, you'll find it has more flavor than when grated.

What Pairs Well with Parmesan Cheese?

Before you buy parmesan cheese, consider how to maximize its flavor and texture. Not just a vehicle for pizza, parmesan cheese works well on sliced pears with toasted hazelnuts, dates, walnuts, or celery hearts. Bring out its flavor by drizzling some olive oil on top for a delicious treat or a splash of aged balsamic vinegar. 

Parmesan is also a fan favorite on pasta, rice, soups, and vegetable cream based dishes. You can slice it up or grate it on top of your meal. However, you'll enjoy the strongest flavor when you skip the grating and slice it up. Wine lovers can reach for Chianti, Pinot Noir, Malbec, champagne, and Prosecco to enhance parmesan's irresistible flavor.

What Kind of Cheese is Similar to Parmesan?

If you're not sure whether or not to buy parmesan cheese but want something similar, consider our savory and robust Barbarian. This ridiculously good Redhead Creamery original is named for our cheesemaker's son, Conan. It's tasty and strong and can be curled into beautiful cheese florets for a fun (and delicious) garnish.

Our St. Anthony is also a good choice if you already love the firm texture of parmesan and its strong flavor profile. Savor its meaty undertones with hints of cured salami with a washed-rind. It's hard to put down and pairs with cured meats, pickled goods and freshly baked bread with a crunchy crust. It's unique to the Redhead Creamery and stands-out on your cheese board as a party favorite.

Try Eichten's Hidden Acre's Parmezaan Gouda

If you're not sure if you want the hard texture of a parmesan cheese and are leaning towards a semi-hard delight, try Eichten's Hidden Acre's Parmezaan Gouda. It's teeming with a buttery flavor celebrated and a rich, smooth texture in a five ounce wedge. It's the best of both worlds and opens up new possibilities for your next cheese platter.

How Do You Cut Parmesan Cheese?

If you want to buy parmesan cheese for your next platter or a special dish, make sure you have the right tools to cut it with. Our Boska Hard Cheese Knife is perfect for a firm parmesan, Asagio, or Redhead Creamery's St. Anthony's and Tim's Gouda. It's dishwasher safe and stainless steel for easy upkeep. Just slice and serve to keep parmesan's robust flavor. 

Next Steps

Ready to buy parmesan cheese for yourself or gift to a cheese lover in your life? Redhead Creamery loves delighting customers with our ridiculously good cheese that delivers or ships right to your doorstep. Try your favorite varieties for yourself by browsing our cheese for sale here.