Cheese Gifts for Christmas

Nothing says the holidays like cheese gifts for Christmas! Give the cheese lovers what they want the most with delicious, farm-fresh cheese straight from our family-owned and run Jer-Lindy Farms. Nearly 200 Holstein milk cows call our farm home and supply incredibly fresh milk straight to our cheese-making room. We make a wide variety of award-winning cheeses to delight your senses. Here's what to get for everyone on your gift list.

Best Seller's Gift Box

Image of Best Sellers Cheese box to convey the best Cheese Gifts for Christmas - Redhead Creamery

You can't go wrong with our Best Seller's Gift Box that's packed up with Little Lucy Brie, Lucky Linda Clothbound Cheddar, and our Ridiculously Good Cheese Curds. It's all wrapped up in our Redhead Creamery signature wooden box and crinkle paper for a picture-perfect, delicious gift that's ready to eat. 

Award Winner's Gift Box

We don't like to brag, but our cheese wins awards and we think everyone should join in the fun. Add our Award Winner's Gift Box for your cheese gifts for Christmas list this year. It features our incredible tasting:

  • Ridiculously Good Cheddar Cheese Curds
  • North Fork Munster
  • Lucky Linda Clothbound Cheddar
  • Margie Caved Aged Cheddar
  • St. Anthony Original
  • Clothbound Garlic Cheddar
  • Red Temper Honey Chipotle Cheddar

We take care to package it all together in a foldable gift box with crinkle paper and a signature Redhead Creamery logo sticker to seal it up.

The Family Gift Box

Make it a family affair with our Family Gift Box. It's the perfect sampler for all the cheese maniacs in your life. They'll love savoring our Lucky Linda Clothbound Cheddar, Margie Cave Aged Cheddar, Little Lucy Brie, and Henry's Havarti. Like our other cheese gifts for Christmas, we wrapped it up in crinkle paper and a charming Redhead Creamery wooden box.

Pan-Fried Gift Box

Our Pan-Fried Gift Box is a twist on the traditional cheese gifts for Christmas round-up. It's inspired by the most popular menu item in our cheese shop, which your loved ones can now make at home. A gift-worthy experience, the Pan Fried Gift Box comes with a fun-sized cast iron pan, a mitt, a recipe, and two pounds of our Ridiculously Good Cheddar Cheese Curds. We also included some bare honey and honey mustard to dress up this already flawless gift and a Redhead Creamery wooden box. 

Platter-Ready Gift Box

Image of platter ready gift box to convey the best cheese gifts for Christmas - Redhead CreameryGo all out for the cheese lover in your life with our Platter Rready Gift Box. It has everything someone needs to make a gorgeous cheese platter with:

  • Little Lucy Brie
  • St. Anthony Washed-Rind Original
  • Lucky Linda Clothbound Cheddar
  • Cheese board
  • Cheese knife
  • Locally sourced salami
  • A chocolate bar made in Fergus Falls
  • Isadore Nut Co.'s Nuts
  • Bare Honey

This platter is also a worthy addition to your next holiday party.

Simplify Your Gift List with a Redhead Creamery Gift Card

If you can't settle on the perfect cheese gifts for Christmas, simplify your life with a Redhead Creamery Gift Card. They start at $10 and go up to $200 to suit everyone on your list. They're convenient, easy to order, and come with our signature Redhead Creamery logo. They're sure to delight your friends and family, and they make the perfect corporate gift for colleagues or clients who appreciate the art of cheesemaking at its finest.

Build Your Own Cheese Gifts for Christmas

Image of North Fork Whiskey Washed Munster to convey the best cheese gifts for Christmas - Redhead Creamery

We know our stuff is pretty special and sometimes you want to build your own cheese gifts for Christmas to pack in all your favorites. We keep it flexible with tons of options, plus a farm-inspired wooden gift box that comes in three different sizes.

Order your go-to cheeses and load them up in our Redhead Creamery box. We make it easy to get creative with options like our North Fork Whiskey Washed Munster, Red Temper Honey Chipolte Cheddar, and Garlic Clothbound Cheddar. Or stick to our classic cheddar and brie cheeses for a mouth-watering gift.

Get Even More Cheese Gifts for Christmas

We stepped up your cheese game with some fun and innovative gifts designed for the cheese lover in your life. An INOX Artisans Stainless Steel Cheese Tool Set makes it easy to slice through all types of cheeses and is a sophisticated addition to any cheese lover's life.

You can also grab a fun and useful book, like Madame Fromage's Adventures in Cheese. It's packed with information about how to enjoy, pair, and love cheeses, from creamy Bries to blues and everything in between.

Or, if your cheese-obsessed loved ones live near our farm in Minnesota, you can snag a Redhead Creamery event ticket to our cheesemaking and pairing events and make their dreams come true this Christmas. 

Next Steps

Ready to buy cheese gifts for Christmas? Redhead Creamery is ready to share our favorite cheeses from our family-run Jer-Lindy Farms. We make ridiculously good cheese and deliver or ship it right to you or everyone on your gift list. Try it for yourself by browsing our cheese for sale here.