Event Catering Brooten

Are you looking for event catering Brooten that satisfy your guests with incredible snacks and dishes? If you love parties and events as much as we do, you'll know that food is what brings people together. It's a central role at events and festivities and deserves attention to detail. From how it is served to what it looks, feels, and tastes like, we want every event to be an amazing expression of togetherness. Here's a look at how Redhead Creamery can dazzle your guests with an event that leaves a delicious impression. 

Get a Dazzling Cheese Spread

beautiful cheeses to convey the benefits of event catering Brooten - Redhead Creamery

Redhead Creamery creates memorable experiences through incredible food creations. We put together cheese and charcuterie grazing tables that are an eye-watering focal point of your parties, events, and cocktail parties. We're focused on dazzling your guests while keeping their energy levels high and curbing their hunger before your main course. 

Save Time and Money with an Edible Centerpiece

You may have already tried a charcuterie board in the past, but our event catering Brooten creations are a little different. They easily double as stunning table centerpieces and edible cheese displays that are lovely to look at. Incredibly practical, they'll also save you money on needing a separate centerpiece of flowers that you'll give away or throw out later. We may be biased, but our customers tell us our cheeses are raved over and disappear before the end of the evening. 

Choose Your Dessert

Our desserts can fit your style and vision for your event. Cheese-lovers who enjoy the savory side of life would probably prefer a literal "cheese cake" or spread that's designed to put the finishing touch on your event. Despite all the ridiculously good cheese we make, we also make farm-fresh pies from scratch right here in the Redhead Creamery kitchen. We individually box and prepare everything so it's ready to delight your guests.

Try a Cheese Platter

If you're looking for something a little simpler than a full-on event catering Brooten, we also offer three different-sized cheese and charcuterie platters for two to thirty people. We'll assemble them all to look like a work of art with our fan-favorite cheeses. Redhead Creamery's team of cheese makers and helpers can also customize our platters around your dietary restrictions, such as no nuts or a gluten-free, vegetarian snacking experience.

Get Hands On

the cheese board deck - redhead creameryWant to hire Redhead Creamery for event catering Brooten but need a little help with everything else? Get hands-on with a DIY approach with the The Cheese Board Deck. This helpful card deck offers 50 creative ideas for creating and presenting food platters for any occasion. You don't need to know how to cook; just follow along with the visuals with these drool-worthy ideas. You can start small with quick-to-make meal boards for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and work your way up to bigger gatherings. The deck comes with ingredient lists, tips, and optional recipes with innovative board ideas.

Why Work with Redhead Creamery?

Redhead Creamery is located on the family-owned and run Jer-Lindy Farms. Our beloved 200 Holstein cows supply fresh milk right to our milking room for a hands-on approach to cheese making. We love what we do and take pride in our craft, making sure everything we make tastes ridiculously good. We don't like to brag (well, maybe just a little) but our cheeses win big awards and have fans located across the country. We also offer delicious snacks and sandwiches in our cafe and sell them right from our farm store, deliver locally, and ship across the country.

Hire Redhead Creamery for Your Event

Ready to uplevel your event catering Brooten? Redhead Creamery makes a wide variety of cheeses on our family-owned and run Jer-Lindy farms with fresh milk that pours straight into our creamery's milking room. Contact us today to discuss your event or upcoming party! Or try our products for yourself by browsing all of our cheeses for sale here.