Buy Cheddar Cheese Online

Are you ready to buy cheddar cheese online but aren't sure how it all works? We didn't invent online cheese ordering, but we've perfected our process to bring you the delicious, fresh cheese that Redhead Creamery is known for. Whether you want a classic block of cheese or something more daring and inventive, we can help bring it to your doorstep. Here's why you need to try our cheese ASAP and see what the fuss is all about:

What's So Special About Cheddar Cheese?

Image of Margie Clothbound Cheddar to convey why to buy cheddar cheese online

A semi-hard cheese made from cow's milk, cheddar cheese boasts a clean, unique flavor that changes as it ages. When it's young and new, the flavor is mild but becomes tangier and more complex as it ages. Some of our perfectly aged cheeses also develop hard salt-like crystals that add a satisfying texture and a slight crunch.

We also nurture our 200 cows right here on the Jer-Lindy farm and develop our cheeses in our creamery. It's as farm-fresh as you can get. Although we love hosting guests at our tasting room and cheese shop, you don't need to come to us. When you buy cheddar cheese online, we deliver or ship it right to you. 

Get Incredible Variety

Not everyone lives near a premier cheese farm and creamery or has time to visit one. Regardless of where you live, you can buy cheddar cheese online and receive a wide variety of fresh-tasting cheese packed in peak chilled condition. We want to make the process worry-free, so you open up your box and dig right in.

Here are just some of our cheddar cheese selections:

  • Garlic Clothbound Cheddar: sharp, savory, and garlic-y
  • Lucky Linda Clothbound Cheddar: aged to perfection for a minimum of six months for a smooth, savory cheddar
  • Margie Clothbound Cheddar: a crumbly, aged cheese with a sharp, fruity, and naturally salty taste
  • Red Temper Honey Chipotle Cheddar: smooth and mild that melts nicely on chili, sandwiches, and more
  • Jalapeño Cheddar: a spicy and seasonal cheddar that's perfect for a day at the pool or barbecue
  • Simply Cheddar: a mac and cheese-worthy cheddar that's melty and gooey

You can also buy cheddar cheese online through our platters, collections, and memberships. There's a cheese for everyone out there, and we want to help you discover it.

Buy Cheddar Cheese Online as a Gift

Can't decide what to get for someone who has it all? Give them the gift of cheese. Whether you buy a year-round membership, platters, gift sets, or some cheese curds, they'll love the taste of farm-fresh cheese. Instead of settling on just one cheese, our Best Sellers Gift Box is filled with all our customers' favorites. Or opt for our Platter Ready Gift Box so your loved ones or clients can set up a spread and start enjoying it right away.

Get Hands-On Service and Care

We're obsessed with creating delicious-tasting cheese and getting it straight to your doorstep or workplace. When you buy cheddar cheese online, we'll carefully pack it up and either hand deliver it or ship it to you. We deliver to the greater Twin Cities area and the Fargo area. We also offer wholesale orders.

Visit Redhead Creamery (without leaving your house)

Image of shredded cheese to convey you can buy cheddar cheese online

If you've always wondered about all the fuss around our great-tasting products, you can get a taste of the farm when you buy cheddar cheese online. Our 200 registered Holstein and Brown Swiss dairy cows are part of what makes our cheese taste so amazing.

We make all our products at Jer-Lindy, a family-owned and operated, 240-acre, modern farm facility. With years of cheesemaking under our belts, we create artisan masterpieces that ship straight to you.

Next Steps

Ready to buy cheddar cheese online for yourself or share it as a gift? Redhead Creamery has been making farm-fresh cheese since 2013, and by the end of 2014, we had built and opened up our own cheese-making facility right here on our family-run farm, Jer-Lindy Farms. Today, we make ridiculously good cheese and deliver or ship it right to your doorstep. Try it for yourself by browsing our cheese for sale here.