2nd Annual Not Your Average Book Fair

2nd Annual Not Your Average Book Fair
It’s amaz­ing that we’re already host­ing some­thing for the sec­ond time. Time flies when you’re hav­ing a good time.

June Dairy Month is just around the cor­ner and we’ve put together another fun book fair with Jody from Usborne Books, for you and your chil­dren. So what hap­pens dur­ing a ‘Not Your Aver­age Book Fair’? We will be have a read­ing cor­ner every hour, on the hour in the cheese shop and chil­dren will have the oppor­tu­nity to go out­side and pet the ani­mals they were just learn­ing about. We plan to have a baby calf, goats, a sheep and some piglets. In the mean time, par­ents can look through and pur­chase books as well as sam­ple and pur­chase cheese. The event is free to attend and runs from 1:00pm — 4:00pm on June 16th at Redhead Creamery.

So put away the iPad and bring your chil­dren to see the ani­mals first hand!

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